I offer a 4-hour online risk management course for real estate appraisers called Appraiser Liability 101. It’s available 24/7 and consists of seven video chapter presentations by me. Just watch, learn and take a short quiz after each video. My hosting of the course is approved for CE in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. However, appraisers in many other states can take the course through Appraiser eLearning on their site.

Appraiser Liability 101 covers current liability trends affecting appraisers and dispels common myths and misunderstandings. The course is focused primarily on appraisals and appraisal reviews for mortgage loans. Actual real-world lawsuits and claims are the backdrop of the program.

These are the types of questions answered by the course:  Who sues appraisers? What do they sue for?  What are the most common errors that lead to lawsuits? How do the USPAP concepts of intended use and user relate to an appraiser’s potential liability? Based on recent case law, how can appraisers best protect themselves against unwarranted liability? What liability exposures exist for appraisal review work? Should I operate my firm as an LLC or corporation?

Here is what an appraiser in Hawaii recently wrote after completing Appraiser Liability 101: “Your online course … was great. I was actually sorry to see it was over, and I can’t say this of any other CE class that I’ve taken.”

Appraiser Liability 101: Essential Concepts (4 Hrs, CE Credit)

  • Approved for 4 hours of appraiser continuing education (CE) in: CA, HI, OR and WA. (CA Approval No. 1910722001, expires 1/17/23; HI Index No. 19-001, expires 12/31/21; OR Approval No. VALE-C-0119-0001, expires 1/2/22; WA Course No. AP4135, expires 5/6/22.)
  • Appraisers in other states may take the course through Appraiser eLearning on Appraiser eLearning’s site.
  • Course fee: $60.
  • Click here to read more details about Appraiser Liability 101.

E&O Discount for Completing Appraiser Liability 101: Appraisers who complete this course and who are insured by LIA Administrators & Insurance Services become eligible for a discount on their E&O premium (once per year). In California and Oregon, the discount on E&O is $50 if the per claim limit of your policy is $500,000 or above, or $25 if the claim limit is lower. In Washington and Hawaii, the E&O discount is up to a maximum of $70 or the amount you paid for the course (whichever is lower) if the per claim limit of your policy is $500,000 or above, or $40 if the claim limit is lower. Please check with LIA if you have questions about your applicable E&O discount.