Commercial Rent Arbitration and Litigation

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In connection with a retail lease rent arbitration, the tenant (Saks) succeeded in getting decision by the appraiser arbitrator in favor of the landlord (California Union Square) vacated by a trial court as a result of the appraiser arbitrator’s failure to abide by the instructions and limitations in the arbitration provision. The Court of Appeals upholds the vacatur.

In connection with a commercial rent reset arbitration involving appraisers retained on each side who were then to choose a third appraiser, one party has filed a petition in court to remove the other side’s appraiser arbitrator for non-compliance with the requirement.

In connection with a commercial rent reset arbitration, the owner of an office building on leased land disputed the arbitration award and sued the land owner’s appraiser and the third “neutral” appraiser arbitrator. On this demurrer, the court dismisses the claim against the other side’s appraiser arbitrator based on the immunity in California for arbitrators.