My areas of practice are focused on legal and regulatory issues concerning real estate valuation, the operation of valuation firms, and insurance coverage. For 14 years, I served as general counsel to the largest provider of professional liability insurance to appraisers and appraisal management companies. That deep experience in valuation and insurance matters, combined with my prior work at national law firms, led me to focus my work where I have unrivaled knowledge and experience. This enables me to be precise and efficient.

Litigation for Valuation and Insurance

I represent parties in disputes concerning real estate valuation, the operation of valuation firms, and insurance coverage. For matters outside my jurisdictions of practice or with large scale, I team up with trusted colleagues. I also provide assistance to other law firms when valuation or insurance matters are part of a case.

Employment and Contractor Issues

Employment and contractor classification issues are critical concerns for AMCs and valuation firms, especially in light of California’s Dynamex case and the passage of AB 5. I have drafted or revised the contractor agreements of dozens of firms and AMCs, as well as confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

Compliance Counseling

I provide legal and regulatory advice about compliance with state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to real estate valuation and appraisal management. I am most frequently asked about issues relating to the Dodd-Frank Act, Appraisal Independence and state appraisal management company laws.

Service Agreements, Policies & Procedures

I have drafted or revised hundreds of service agreements and terms and conditions for valuation firms and AMCs. I also participated in the Appraisal Institute’s work group to update its sample agreements for appraisal services. I frequently assist AMCs in drafting policies and procedures to meet lender-client requirements.

Regulatory and Disciplinary Defense

I represent and assist appraisers, appraisal management companies and other service providers in connection with regulatory and disciplinary proceedings and audits. The most frequent proceedings I am asked for assistance with involve state appraiser boards.

Outside General Counsel

Many valuation firms and AMCs want a regular lawyer they can ask anything and basically want their own “general counsel” but aren’t large enough to justify that expense. I can serve as your outside general counsel. Over the 25 years of my legal career, I’ve gained the experience to deal with any legal situation or know where to get the right expertise.