On January 10, 2020 (9:30 a.m. Pacific) I am hosting and presenting a video webinar about Assembly Bill 5. This one is just for individual appraisers. I’ll be covering AB 5 (California’s new “gig worker” law) specifically in relation to individual real estate appraisers and small appraisal firms.

The last webinar (which was more tailored to AMCs) was well-received. In her popular newsletter, Ann O’Rourke wrote this:

This is evolving fast as AMCs try to figure out what is best. There is some disinformation out there. I suggest relying on what attorney Peter Christensen says as he advises both AMCs and appraisers. The other issue, of course, is what appraisal firms using IC appraisers need to change, if anything. . . . Many thanks to Peter Christensen (again) for an excellent webinar on this topic that I took yesterday.

Appraisal Today, December 20, 2019

Ann’s been writing about independent contractor issues for appraisers since 1986! In response to Ann’s suggestion, this webinar is geared to individual appraisers and the operation of their own small firms.

Here are some of the issues, I will be addressing:

  • What does the law mean for individual appraisers?
  • What adjustments should appraisers consider making in their businesses?
  • Why are lenders and AMCs putting certain items in new contractor agreements?
  • What if my small firm uses contractor appraisers? How can I deal with that?

Thank you, Peter Christensen

Peter Christensen

I am an attorney. The matters that I handle and the clients whom I serve are focused on valuation services. My work ranges from the regulatory and structural details of providing valuation services to professional liability and disciplinary issues.