With respect to classification of real estate appraisers in California as independent contractors, Assembly Bill 2257 was signed by the governor on September 4, 2020 and specifically includes appraisers in a professional services exception from the ABC test enacted by AB 5. It is retroactive to January 1, 2020. 

AB 2257 returns California appraisers to the status quo of the law for determining contractor status that existed before AB 5 and the Cal. Supreme Court’s decision in Dynamex.  That works well for the AMC model and for situations where appraisers work occasionally for true appraisal firms as a contractors. I will be updating the materials in this section shortly to address AB 2257’s application to appraisers.

I have assisted dozens of appraisal firms and AMCs, from the smallest to the largest, adjust to the changes that were required for AB 5 and the re-adjustments now needed for AB 2257.

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Full Text of AB 5

Here’s the full text of AB 5 with highlighting by Peter Christensen of the parts most relevant to classification of appraisers as independent contractors and also to agents and brokers who may perform BPOs and evaluations.

Key Cases

Here are the basic cases for understanding classification of appraisers as independent contractors under AB 5 and for understanding the risk of a reclassification lawsuit.

Articles and Posts

Peter Christensen’s articles and posts about appraisers as independent contractors both under the ABC test and in general.

Other Relevant Statutes

California statutes relevant to application of AB 5 to appraisers in California. In particular, it’s important to understand the impact of California Labor Code section 2802.

Presentations about AB 5

Peter Christensen has made presentations about the classification of appraisers as independent contractors to the Appraisal Institute and REVAA, and at the Appraisal Summit and Valuation Expo.