A State-by-State Survey of Appraiser Licensing Laws and Regulations Concerning Evaluations (Not Free)
Evaluations, State Appraiser Licensing Laws

It’s a daunting research task to determine the legal permissibility of performing real estate “evaluations” (as defined by the federal Interagency Appraisal & Evaluation Guidelines) as opposed to appraisals under state appraiser laws. Few reliable resources exist. It’s a subject that I’ve spent many hours researching for clients in connection with developing compliant evaluation services by either appraisers or non-appraisers. And, the subject is becoming increasingly relevant due to more frequent consideration of evaluation services and the increased thresholds for when true appraisals are required for federally related transactions.

As a result of my research, I’ve prepared a state-by-state survey of appraiser licensing laws and regulations concerning evaluations. This survey is available: (1) free to my current appraisal firm and AMC clients, or (2) for purchase by non-clients (the cost is $1,200).

Peter Christensen